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Compatible with a wide range of bottle labeling machines and can label up to 60 bottles a minute

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Basic Use

This equipment is used for labeling circular botles with various diameters or slight tapers, accommodatingsingle wrap-around or front and back labeling. it can apply labels vertically or horizontally. The conveyor sizecan be increased according to customer requirements to meet the needs of diferent-sized products, such asmineral water bottles, wine bottles, juice bottles, cosmetic bottles, oral liquid bottles, and more.

WLM-SXY-300Automatic Vertical Labeling Machine

WLM-SXY-301 Vertical, Positioning

Suitable for beverage bottles, water bottles and other large diameter bottles with a diameter of 25~100mm. Speed up to 60pcs/min.

WLM-SXY-302 Automatic, Horizontal

Suitable for small bottles with diameter of 10~30mm such as syringes, test tubes and so on. Speed up to 300pcs/min.

Sample Dispaly

Technical Parameter

Optional Components

Bottle Unscrambler

If you need to quickly and in bulk place bottles on a conveyor belt, you can opt for a Bottle Unscrambler. It is installed at the very beginning of the bottle labeling machine line. Simply place the bottles in bulk into this device, and it will automatically organize the bottles and sequentially feed them onto the labeling machine for labeling.

Code Printer

Most bottle labels are printed with the production date and the expiration date. Therefore, it is essential to equip a coding printer on the bottle labeling machine. It can be configured for single-line, double-line, or multi-line printing to simultaneously print both the production date and the expiration date.

Label Printer

Label printers are different from code printers. It prints the contents of the label in real time and is equipped with a microcomputer. The printouts can be edited on the computer.

Labeling Department

We have established a Labeling Department to provide label production services to our clients.When equipment enters the debugging phase, the Labeling Department can promptly supply labels. Additionally, they can offer real-time assistance to resolve any issues with the labels.

This can significantly enhance work efficiency and reduce delivery times. Clients no longer need to seek external manufacturers for label production.This is because when issues arise with labels, immediate resolution is not possible if waiting for a label factory to reproduce and ship new labels for equipment debugging.

user interface

User Interface

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is housed in a stainless steel enclosure, featuring a start button, indicator lights, and an emergency stop button. The interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. It can be configured in various languages according to customer requirements.

Labeling Mechanism

The labeling mechanism provides accurate and stable label placement on the bottle. It can be adjusted to fit different bottle sizes.

Label Sensor

Label Sensor

During normal operation of the equipment, the label sensor can distinguish between the label and the label backing paper. In this way, it decides whether the label comes out or not.

Our bottle labelling machine adopts advanced label sensor, which can accurately detect labels, more stable and durable.

Variable Frequency Motors

The whole machine adopts high-performance brand high-quality motors, stable quality, high efficiency and energy saving.

PLC control system

Adoption of advanced PLC control system can quickly respond to commands to improve production efficiency, high precision control capability can ensure the stability and accuracy of the labeling process.

As a Production Manager at a busy beverage facility, I’ve experienced firsthand the remarkable efficiency of this bottle labeling machine. From its seamless integration into our production line to its reliable performance, it has significantly boosted our output and reduced downtime. The customer service team was incredibly supportive, ensuring a smooth installation and training process. I highly recommend this machine to any company looking to enhance their labeling operations.

Emily Zhang

Production Manager



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Yes. If you are in China, welcome to visit our factory.

Yes. We have a labeling department. We can provide you with suitable labels and ribbons according to the material of your labeled object and the usage environment.

Usually 220V, 50Hz; or 230V, 60Hz, other voltages can be set as required.

The warranty period is 1 year and technical support will be provided continuously even after the warranty period.

We receive full payment in advance.

Standard models are in stock and can be shipped within 5 days; If customization is required, the delivery time is usually 20 days.

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