8 Common Problems and Solutions of Wire Labeling Machine

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In the world of wire labeling, precision and efficiency are paramount. However, even the most advanced wire labeling machines can encounter issues that hinder their performance. Below, we delve into eight common problems faced by users of wire labeling machines, along with practical solutions to ensure your labeling process is smooth and reliable.

Wire labeling machine with printer


Unstable Labeling Position

Problem: The labeling position can be inconsistent due to several factors:

  • The pressure belt device may not be adequately tight, causing the labeled belt to loosen and the electric eye to detect inaccurately.
  • The traction mechanism might slip or not be tight enough, leading to issues with removing the backing paper smoothly.
  • Variations in the shape or inconsistent positioning of the labeled object can also lead to instability.

Solution: Ensure the pressure belt device is correctly adjusted for optimal tightness. Check the traction mechanism for any slipperiness or looseness and adjust accordingly. Standardize the shape and positioning of objects as much as possible to avoid variability.


Label Tape Shifting


  • Over-tightening of the pressure belt device can cause the label tape to deviate.
  • Lack of label tape deflection correction before automatic operation.

Solution: Reduce the pressure belt’s strength to prevent deviation. Ensure that the label tape deflection is corrected before commencing automatic operations.


Poor Labeling Quality, Bubbles or Wrinkles

Problem: Using labels that are too thin or soft can result in poor labeling quality, characterized by bubbles or wrinkles.

Solution: Opt for labels that are of suitable thickness and material for your machine and application. Avoid using overly thin or soft labels that are not compatible with the suction method.

Flattening Mechanism


Unresponsive Equipment

Problem: The machine may fail to operate due to several issues:

  • A faulty power cord.
  • A burned-out fuse next to the output socket.
  • Loose wiring inside the electric box.

Solution: Check and ensure the power cord is functioning correctly. Replace any burned-out fuses and seek professional help to secure any loose wiring within the electric box.


Frequent Breakage of Label Backing Paper


  • The pressure belt device’s excessive tightness can cause bias in labeling.
  • The label backing paper might be of poor quality or cut too deeply.

Solution: Adjust the pressure belt device to reduce its strength and prevent bias. Use higher quality label backing paper and ensure the cut mark is not too deep.

The folding mechanism of the wire labeling machine


Suction Head Failure, Falling Off the Mark


  • The suction head holes may be blocked, leading to insufficient suction.
  • Incorrect blowing tube direction.
  • Labels covering the suction head, reducing suction efficiency.

Solution: Clean the suction head holes to ensure adequate suction. Adjust the blowing tube’s direction for optimal performance. Use transparent adhesive to seal any labels covering the suction head, minimizing suction loss.


Continuously Out of the Mark

Problem: Improper setting of the electric eye can lead to continuous marking errors.

Solution: Reset the electric eye according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure accurate labeling.


Loose Backing Paper Collected by the Material Collecting Organization

Problem: The drive belt responsible for collecting the backing paper may become aged and lose its effectiveness.

Solution: Replace the old drive belt with a new one to ensure the backing paper is collected tightly and efficiently.

By addressing these common issues with thoughtful solutions, you can maintain the efficiency and reliability of your wire labeling machine, ensuring a smooth labeling process that meets your precision standards.


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