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What is the label size of the labeling machine? How many characters can be printed?

The size range of the standard machine is 10-140mm long, and the number of characters to be printed needs to be determined according to the text content.

What is the price of the labeling machine?

The price of the labeling machine will vary depending on the complexity of the customization. If it is a standard machine in our stock, you can email our sales staff at

What input options are available for the labeling machine, such as USB or Wi-Fi?

Generally, if the printer is normally connected, there is an industrial control computer connected to the printer in connection with our labeling machine control system.

Is some level of customization available to meet specific needs?

We can customize the labeling service with special features to meet specific needs. Our engineers are experienced and capable of providing customized solutions to customer satisfaction.

Is the software of the labeler easy to use? Does it require special training?

The operation is very simple, we will provide a detailed tutorial video, in a very short time you can learn to operate, no need for very special training.

Are there any instructions on maintenance and care? Do we need to replace parts regularly?

Yes, depending on the machine, we will set different maintenance and care programs. When the labeled product is changed, the label also needs to be changed.

Can the labeling machine print different label formats and graphics?

When the labeling machine is equipped with a printer, depending on the configuration of the printer, you can print different labels and graphics.

What is the cost of consumables for the labeling machine?

It is mainly the cost of adhesive tape, which you can buy from local or check the price online.

How do I buy and replace labels and ink ribbons?

You can buy them by yourself on the internet or you can entrust us to buy them for you.

Is it possible to set the labeling position by myself?

Yes, there is a certain range. If it is out of range, special customization is required.

How much precision can the labeling machine achieve?

Different equipment has different labeling accuracy, please contact our technical staff for details:

Is the operation process of the machine complicated?

It is very simple, only need simple training to operate, one person can complete the operation.

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