Wire Labeling Machine

We are a professional manufacturer of wire labeling machine. Our wire labeling machine can be suitable for 3~10mm diameter wires, other diameters can be customized.

Let every cable you produce have its own identity.

How to choose the right Wire Labeling Machine

When our existing standard wire labeling machine cannot meet your needs, a custom wire labeling machine is the best choice. So how to choose a suitable wire labeling machine? You just need to provide us with some key information. For example, what is the diameter of your wire? What is the material that needs to be labeled and what is the size? Where does the labeling need to be placed on the wire? What is the speed of labeling? What is the accuracy of the labeling? Now please send us your request!

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Product Name:
Wire Labeling Machine
Labeling accuracy:
Labeling speed:
Overall size:
about 550*420*780mm
Overall weight:
about 70 KG
Scope of application:
according to the diameter of the wire custom
Label length:
Power supply:
Air pressure:

Application Cases

Wire labeling machines are well-suited for a diverse range of products requiring wire identification. They are designed to efficiently apply labels onto wires, cables, and similar components. With their precise labeling capabilities and adjustable settings, wire labeling machines are widely used in industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automotive, and electrical manufacturing, ensuring accurate and durable labeling for improved product traceability and organization.
Labeling effect of plastic pipe
Plastic tubes
Labeling effect of power cords
Power cords
Labeling effect of electric wires
Labeling effect of large labels
Large labels
Labeling effect of knife and fork
Knives and forks
Labeling effect of jelly
The labeling effect of headphone cable
Headphone cables
Labelling effect of bellows
Traction Mechanism-1

Traction Mechanism

The wire labeling machine’s traction mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which ensures durability and stability during operation. This mechanism is responsible for pulling the label through the labeling process, ensuring that the label is applied accurately and securely.

The use of high-strength aluminum alloy material also helps to reduce the weight of the machine, making it easier to transport and handle. Overall, the traction mechanism of the wire labeling machine is an essential component that contributes to the machine’s reliable and efficient performance.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of the wire labeling machine, also called the labeling mechanism. It is the last link in the overall labeling process. It can check whether the effect after labeling is qualified.

It is composed of two symmetrical aluminum alloy plates. The aluminum alloy plate has many arranged fine holes, which are used by the pneumatic mechanism to suck the label. The cable is placed in the center and the label is symmetrically attached by folding, and a labeling is completed. If the labeling effect is not satisfactory, it can be adjusted until it meets the labeling requirements.

Label Sensor

The label sensor is the most important sensor in a wire labelling machine. It directly affects whether the label can come out properly. When installing the label, you need to pass the label through the label sensor. During normal operation of the equipment, the label sensor can distinguish between the label and the label backing paper. In this way, it decides whether the label comes out or not.

Our wire labelling machine adopts advanced label sensor, which can accurately detect labels, more stable and durable.

Adjusment Mechanism

The adjustment mechanism of the wire labeling machine typically includes several components.

Firstly, there is a label feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the label as it is applied to the wire.

Secondly, there is a wire feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the wire as it passes through the machine.

Additionally, there may be a printing mechanism that allows for customization of the label text or graphics.

Finally, there are typically adjustments available for the pressure and alignment of the labeling head, ensuring that the label is properly applied to the wire surface. These mechanisms can be adjusted manually or automatically to achieve the desired labeling precision and efficiency.

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