Sticker Labeling Machine

A sticker labeling machine is a specialized device used to apply labels to products or packages. It automates and streamlines the labeling process, improving efficiency and accuracy. These machines are versatile and can handle different label sizes, shapes, and materials, making them suitable for various industries. They feature user-friendly controls and adjustable settings for easy setup and precise label placement. By using a sticker labeling machine, businesses can increase labeling speed, improve product presentation, and enhance overall efficiency in packaging operations.

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Product Name:
Sticker Labeling Machine
Labeling accuracy:
Labeling speed:
Overall size:
about 1950*1200*1500mm
Overall weight:
about 180 KG
Scope of application:
Diameter 5mm~300mm,height 5mm~300mm
Label length:
Power supply:
Stepper 570W / Servo 980W
Can be set to your country's language

Application Cases

The sticker labeling machine is versatile and suitable for a wide range of products. It efficiently and accurately applies adhesive labels to various items such as bottles, boxes, and cans. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for industries like packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, enhancing product identification and branding.
Cardboard box
Cylindrical bottles
Handwash bottle
Medicine bottles
Mineral water bottle
Spice bottles
The flat bottle
Traction mechanism of wire labeling machine

Traction Mechanism

The wire labeling machine’s traction mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which ensures durability and stability during operation. This mechanism is responsible for pulling the wire through the labeling process, ensuring that the label is applied accurately and securely. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy material also helps to reduce the weight of the machine, making it easier to transport and handle. Overall, the traction mechanism of the wire labeling machine is an essential component that contributes to the machine’s reliable and efficient performance.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of wire labeling machine is a device that can fold labels during the labeling process. When the label is being applied on the labeling machine, the folding mechanism can fold the label in the center, so that the two sides of the label are completely overlapped, thereby avoiding the wrinkling of the label during the labeling process.

Another advantage of the folding mechanism is that it can effectively reduce the curling of the label during the labeling process, improve the accuracy and stability of the label attachment. At the same time, the folding mechanism can also reduce the waste rate of the label and improve the efficiency of label usage.

The folding mechanism of the wire labeling machine
Measuring mechanism of wire labeling machine

Measuring Mechanism

The measuring mechanism in a wire labeling machine is a device that is used to measure the length of the wire or cable being labeled. This mechanism typically includes a wheel or roller that comes into contact with the wire or cable as it passes through the labeling machine. The wheel or roller is connected to a sensor or encoder that can measure the rotation of the wheel and calculate the length of wire or cable that has passed through the machine.

The measuring mechanism is an important component of the wire labeling machine, as it ensures that the correct amount of label is applied to the wire or cable. By accurately measuring the length of the wire or cable, the labeling machine can apply the label with the correct spacing and avoid wasting excess label material. This helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the labeling process.

Adjusment Mechanism

The adjustment mechanism of the wire labeling machine typically includes several components. Firstly, there is a label feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the label as it is applied to the wire. Secondly, there is a wire feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the wire as it passes through the machine. Additionally, there may be a printing mechanism that allows for customization of the label text or graphics. Finally, there are typically adjustments available for the pressure and alignment of the labeling head, ensuring that the label is properly applied to the wire surface. These mechanisms can be adjusted manually or automatically to achieve the desired labeling precision and efficiency.

The adjustment mechanism of the wire labeling machine

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