John Liu

Hey, I’m the founder of WireLabelingMachine.com , John Liu. You can call me John.

A family-run business, that has been deeply involved in Labeling Machine since 1998.

An expert of labeling machines and automation equipment.

In the past 26+ years,  we have provided professional labeling machine equipment to more than 170 clients in 77 countries, including beverage factories, e-commerce platforms, and new energy factories. This has significantly enhanced their production efficiency and created immense value for them.

I am writing down our years’ experience and sharing with the knowledge related to Labeling machine equipments.

In manufacturing, precision and efficiency are the gears that drive production. Yet, like a misaligned cog, inefficiencies and errors can disrupt the entire system.

“How can we optimize them?”…

When I was young, I frequently watched my father interact with his cherished machines in our family-owned factory.

He told me how the labeling machines were not merely tools; they were the keys to ensuring every product reached its destination perfectly identified—like giving them a unique fingerprint.

I feel so amazing and proud.

Now, having stepped into my father’s shoes, I am committed to enhancing these machines, driving innovation in the way products are labeled and tracked.

I aim to develop more sophisticated, yet environmentally conscious, labeling solutions that:

  • Boost operational efficiency,
  • Minimize waste,
  • Ensure compliance with global standards,
  • And ultimately enhance consumer satisfaction.

That’s the mission that guides our endeavors. We’re in this together, and together, we’ll continue to make a marked impact on industries worldwide.


Accurate labeling ensures product integrity and consumer trust.

Research indicates that correctly labeled products reduce errors and enhance traceability.

Barcodes are machine-readable symbols that encode data visually.

Proper labeling increases operational efficiency, ensuring faster processing and distribution.

Studies have shown that effective labeling improves inventory management, reducing waste and overhead costs.

Therefore, Our Vision: “Reliable products, better service, stronger consumer confidence.

LabelMaster supplies advanced labeling machines to optimize your production efficiency.

We provide the following product lines (hot products):

We also focus on and concentrate on:

  • Industrial Labeling Solutions
  • Pharmaceutical Compliance Systems
  • Food and Beverage Labeling Standards
  • High-Speed Label Applicators

The more I share, the more I grow

To record, classify, categorize, summarize and explain the knowledge I have gained.

While imparting my knowledge to people.

Gradually, I am getting happier and happier.

Of course, while assisting others, I am also moving towards my own success.

I am happy to work with you, to continue learning, sharing and achieving my goals!

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