Introduction to the Packaging Process of Wire Labeling Machines

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After the production of a wire labeling machine is completed, it undergoes a debugging process to ensure that there are no issues with the equipment before it gets packaged. This post aims to introduce you to some crucial steps in the packaging process of wire labeling machines, offering insights into the final phase of our entire production process.


Pre-Packing Preparation

Before packaging the entire machine, it’s necessary to prepare all accompanying accessories and consumables. A key point to note is the need to cater to different customer requirements, which may involve preparing diverse items. For instance, some customers may request printers, while others might need assistance with configuring labels.

All these details are documented in the production order. This allows the workshop workers to prepare all the details as per the requirements listed in the order upon completion of production. Accessories and consumables are separately packaged and secured in wooden crates to prevent movement. Labels requested by customers are packed in separate boxes before being secured to the wooden crates.



Equipment Packaging

During packaging, all cables of the machine are gathered and stored securely. Special attention is given to easily damaged components, which are dismantled and packaged separately. For example, the printer, which rotates on a tray without being fixed, is disassembled and individually packed to reduce the height of the wooden crate.

Once everything is in place, the equipment is completely wrapped in transparent film. This step ensures that cables or small components do not move and protects against rain and dust. It also helps keep the equipment intact, allowing customers to inspect for any anomalies upon receipt.


Wooden Crate Packing

After preparing the equipment and all necessary details, the crate master begins packing everything into wooden crates. First, a tray is rotated to secure the equipment and all accessories on it, followed by completely sealing the wooden crate. This completes the packing process.


Distinguishing Wooden Crates

An important detail to pay attention to is distinguishing which wooden crate belongs to which customer. It’s challenging to differentiate when all equipment is packed in identical crates, often simultaneously. Without distinction, it becomes impossible to identify, as the crates are similar, even in size.

Therefore, during the packing process, it’s crucial to have a dedicated person on-site to manage the process. The best approach is to prepare shipping marks in advance. As soon as a crate is packed, the corresponding shipping mark is immediately attached.

If multiple crate masters are working simultaneously, shipping mark labels can be placed beside the respective equipment. These are then attached immediately after the crates are packed.


Measuring and Weighing

After packing the crates, it’s necessary to measure the final dimensions (length, width, height) and weight of the wooden crates. This information can serve as a reference for future shipments to other customers, informing them of the dimensions and weight.



At WireLabelingMachine, we specialize in producing labeling equipment. My name is John, a sales representative for this factory, and I will continue to introduce you to our daily production and relevant knowledge about labeling machines.


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