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How to choose the right Wire Labeling Machine

When our existing standard wire labeling machine cannot meet your needs, a custom wire labeling machine is the best choice. So how to choose a suitable wire labeling machine? You just need to provide us with some key information. For example, what is the diameter of your wire? What is the material that needs to be labeled and what is the size? Where does the labeling need to be placed on the wire? What is the speed of labeling? What is the accuracy of the labeling? Now please send us your request!

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Product Name:
Labeling Applicator Machine
Labeling accuracy:
Labeling speed:
Overall size:
about 550*420*780mm
Overall weight:
about 70 KG
Scope of application:
according to the diameter of the wire custom
Label length:
Power supply:
Air pressure:

Labeling Effect Display

Wire labeling machine can be used for labeling most of the wire products. The following is the effect display of some products labeling. Maybe one of them is your product.
Labeling effect of plastic pipe
Plastic tubes
Labeling effect of power cords
Power cords
Labeling effect of electric wires
Labeling effect of large labels
Large labels
Labeling effect of knife and fork
Knives and forks
Labeling effect of jelly
The labeling effect of headphone cable
Headphone cables
Labelling effect of bellows

Get a Free Solution

If your product belongs to the wire category, you need to label the product. Then you have come to the right place. We can provide you with a free labeling solution based on your product. Or we can meet your labeling needs with our existing stock products. If you need to customize, you can send us a sample and we will make the effect after labeling according to your sample and send you a video or picture for confirmation. Then contact us now.

Traction mechanism of wire labeling machine

Traction Mechanism

The wire labeling machine’s traction mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which ensures durability and stability during operation. This mechanism is responsible for pulling the wire through the labeling process, ensuring that the label is applied accurately and securely. The use of high-strength aluminum alloy material also helps to reduce the weight of the machine, making it easier to transport and handle. Overall, the traction mechanism of the wire labeling machine is an essential component that contributes to the machine’s reliable and efficient performance.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism of wire labeling machine is a device that can fold labels during the labeling process. When the label is being applied on the labeling machine, the folding mechanism can fold the label in the center, so that the two sides of the label are completely overlapped, thereby avoiding the wrinkling of the label during the labeling process.

Another advantage of the folding mechanism is that it can effectively reduce the curling of the label during the labeling process, improve the accuracy and stability of the label attachment. At the same time, the folding mechanism can also reduce the waste rate of the label and improve the efficiency of label usage.

The folding mechanism of the wire labeling machine
Measuring mechanism of wire labeling machine

Measuring Mechanism

The measuring mechanism in a wire labeling machine is a device that is used to measure the length of the wire or cable being labeled. This mechanism typically includes a wheel or roller that comes into contact with the wire or cable as it passes through the labeling machine. The wheel or roller is connected to a sensor or encoder that can measure the rotation of the wheel and calculate the length of wire or cable that has passed through the machine.

The measuring mechanism is an important component of the wire labeling machine, as it ensures that the correct amount of label is applied to the wire or cable. By accurately measuring the length of the wire or cable, the labeling machine can apply the label with the correct spacing and avoid wasting excess label material. This helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the labeling process.

Adjusment Mechanism

The adjustment mechanism of the wire labeling machine typically includes several components. Firstly, there is a label feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the label as it is applied to the wire. Secondly, there is a wire feeding mechanism that controls the speed and positioning of the wire as it passes through the machine. Additionally, there may be a printing mechanism that allows for customization of the label text or graphics. Finally, there are typically adjustments available for the pressure and alignment of the labeling head, ensuring that the label is properly applied to the wire surface. These mechanisms can be adjusted manually or automatically to achieve the desired labeling precision and efficiency.

The adjustment mechanism of the wire labeling machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the label size of the labeling machine? How many characters can be printed?

The size range of the standard machine is 10-140mm long, and the number of characters to be printed needs to be determined according to the text content.

What is the price of the labeling machine?

The price of the labeling machine will vary depending on the complexity of the customization. If it is a standard machine in our stock, you can email our sales staff at

What input options are available for the labeling machine, such as USB or Wi-Fi?

Generally, if the printer is normally connected, there is an industrial control computer connected to the printer in connection with our labeling machine control system.

Is some level of customization available to meet specific needs?

We can customize the labeling service with special features to meet specific needs. Our engineers are experienced and capable of providing customized solutions to customer satisfaction.

Is the software of the labeler easy to use? Does it require special training?

The operation is very simple, we will provide a detailed tutorial video, in a very short time you can learn to operate, no need for very special training.

Are there any instructions on maintenance and care? Do we need to replace parts regularly?

Yes, depending on the machine, we will set different maintenance and care programs. When the labeled product is changed, the label also needs to be changed.

Can the labeling machine print different label formats and graphics?

When the labeling machine is equipped with a printer, depending on the configuration of the printer, you can print different labels and graphics.

What is the cost of consumables for the labeling machine?

It is mainly the cost of adhesive tape, which you can buy from local or check the price online.

How do I buy and replace labels and ink ribbons?

You can buy them by yourself on the internet or you can entrust us to buy them for you.

Is it possible to set the labeling position by myself?

Yes, there is a certain range. If it is out of range, special customization is required.

How much precision can the labeling machine achieve?

Accuracy can reach 0.5mm

Is the operation process of the machine complicated?

It is very simple, only need simple training to operate, one person can complete the operation.

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